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After all it was just my wife, who has seen me naked a lot, and my sister and Jack. Early on she admitted to being a bit uncomfortable around Carry, who can be a bit loud and vulgar at times.

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It didn't surprise me that Carry would feel her up, but what did catch me off guard was how nonchalant Angie seemed. On the second throw she knocked it down, picking up the spare. Angie downed a double shot of vodka, before heading to the bedroom. I complied and was met with a quick swat on the butt from Carry.

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I reached down and did my best to stretch and fluff, Angie's big brown eyes watching and waiting for more. Angie grabbed several tissues out of the box on the counter and stuffed them inside the sock. He began rolling it off like I've seen girls do with knee high socks. For the past several years we've gotten each other one "silly" gift and one "real" gift.

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