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We continued on having sex and I tried to put the urge to pee in the back of my mind. She grabbed a nice thong and slipped on a nightie that was very sheer and sexy. She had been holding ever since the movie theater so she was bursting to go!

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Melanie was getting so turned on watching me but I assured her I have never felt my bladder act the way it was! I told Melanie that my bladder was acting very funny and she said we could go back home and see what was wrong. I told Melanie I needed to pee again and she made me wait about fifteen minutes or so. Top 100 Pee Sites!

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She was just like, "Wow, I cannot believe what I just saw! She was amazed at how much was coming out right after I had just gone at the restaurant!

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kisiera amarrarte una buena cojida... k buen video sigue subiendo mas seguido xk ya te avias tardado mucho sin subir ok...
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i want to dump a load inside her ass. love this girl
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