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However, it is possible that some men may develop psychological effects after vasectomy surgery which can impact on sexual performance, and their ability to get an erection. A step-by-step Vitaros guide. A no-scalpel procedure is slightly different, in that the doctor performing surgery will instead locate the vas deferens under the skin, and use a small clip to hold it in place.

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Caverject Vials vs Dual Chamber. How to buy erectile dysfunction treatment online from Treated. What does a vasectomy involve? But after this period, the patient will be able to have sex as normal.

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Most are performed under local anaesthetic, and usually the procedure only takes roughly 15 minutes. But in those cases where a man who has had a vasectomy thinks that the operation has negatively impacted on their confidence and ability to perform, counselling is typically the best course of action. No stitches are needed in a no-scalpel vasectomy, and it is not as likely to cause pain or complications. For more information, please read our privacy policy.

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